Kerala Sports
Press Road,Trivandrum
Phone No:97-471-2336592
       Come to Kerala Sports and see sports accessories in a breathtaking array. All those are for you. You choose. You are most welcome to visit our shop and test our statements. Whatever be your sports goods penchant, it is certain we have it in stock.

       Once you are in Kerala Sports it is never a case of "What to Buy" but one of "How to stop?" The flood of varieties will surely amaze you. We offer some of the best sports buys in the world at very competitive prices.

       As goes the saying "choosing is half the fun of buying". Come and indulge yourself in a shopping spree that could exhilarate one.

       We have also facilities for neat and fragile-free packing so that you need not have to carry it all the way through. The ´International Transit Pack´ is fabricated and made in such a way so as to absorb all harsh transit hazards for safe arrival of your precious sports goods, which you procured from us. The testimony and feedback of our clientele who utilized this facility stand guarantee to this.

       It could be sent as unaccompanied baggage - a facility especially for our foreign clients.